Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spin Dessert Cafe (Vaughan)

Cafe: Spin Dessert Cafe
Address: 7600 Weston Rd.
Phone: 905-851-3633
Store Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 AM - 11:30 PM, Fri-Sat 10 AM - 2 AM

Wi-Fi?: Yes
Study Appropriate?: No
Stamp Cards: Electronic stamp card using your phone number (see review)


Thai Express, $11.25

Birthday Red Velvet Cupcake, free! :P

Scarlett, $11.45

On the Floor, $11.45

View full menu here:


Food of Choice: I Like It Like That, $10.25

I spontaneously decided to write this review, hence the lack of information and pictures I would usually have extensively in most of my cafe reviews. This blog is focused on coffee cafes, so I didn't know if I should throw in a dessert cafe or not. Since dessert cafes do sell hot and cold caffeinated beverages, why not? I never visit dessert cafes to get a coffee though, so most likely other future dessert cafe reviews would be primarily on food. But hey, something new once in awhile right?

I have heard quite a bit about Spin through word-of-mouth. My friend and I wanted to meet up so I decided on Spin because it was convenient for us. I was told that the food was even better than Caffe Demetre (which was literally a minute away from Spin), so my standards were set high because I absolutely loved Caffe Demetre.

We arrived past 7 PM and were waited on by a cute waiter, who attended to us quite often. It was a bit empty when we first arrived but we settled quickly as my friend and I had a lot of catching up to do. I decided to go for a dessert crepe because I already had dinner waiting for me at home so I didn't want to spend on dinner food. I was flipping between I Like It Like That (Chocolate peanut butter ice-cream topped with Reese's mini cups, bananas and hot fudge on the side) or You Rock My World (Sticky toffee ice-cream topped with Skor Toffee pieces, white chocolate curls and hot caramel sauce on the side). I asked the waiter to help me decide and he recommended I Like It Like That, so I took up on his advice. My friend ordered one of the savoury crepes called Thai Express.

When our orders came, I was indifferent to my order. It seemed like it could be replicated elsewhere but better. Maybe because I have been spoiled by the luxuries of Caffe Demetre for the past few years. I would not say it was spectacular and it tasted exactly how I would expect it to taste. I sorta wished I tried You Rock My World instead. I did manage to sample my friend's Thai Express and I preferred her dish over mine.

We noticed that it started to get busy closer to 9 PM. While we were talking, the waiter asked why my friend looked sad (she was just pondering for a moment). He asked if it was her birthday (it wasn't) and he promptly brought out a red velvet cupcake for her! I was quite envious, but I give Spin 5/5 for customer service! Nothing beats a free cupcake, haha.

When it got busy, the service to our table did slow down considerably. Which wasn't too bad since I don't like to constantly be bothered at a restaurant. Though in the end it did take awhile for our bill and change to get back to us.

If you sign up with your phone number, you will get a free drink the next time you visit. After that, a free drink after every ten times you visit. So basically it's an electronic loyalty card using your cell number. I thought that was pretty cool. Apparently you should get a notice once you have been inserted into their system. It has been three days but I still haven't received anything...

So my overall verdict is yeah, I would probably go back. I just hope the next item tastes a lot more mouth-watering or unique.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grinder Coffee

Cafe: Grinder Coffee
Address: 1021 Gerrard St. E.
Phone: 416-901-0290
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 7 AM - 4 PM, Sun 8 AM - 4 PM
Website: N/A

Wi-Fi?: Yes
Study Appropriate?: Yes
Stamp Cards?: No



Drinks - Soy/Almond/Lactose-Free Options?: Yes to all
- Offers rooibos latte
- Offers Mexican hot chocolate
- Offers fruit smoothies
- Offers italian soda
- Sells 12 types of coffee beans, $12 for one bag (1/2 pound) or $20 for 2 bags

Food - Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free?: Vegetarian and gluten-free only
- Fresh salads available daily
- Breakfast options available
- Sandwich options available
- Fresh ingredients purchased from St. Lawrence Market

Cappuccino, $3.95


Drink of Choice: Chai Latte, $4.20

I have to admit, I scribbled a couple of things into my notebook that I was unable to decipher (and it was awhile since I last visited the cafe - procrastination alert!). Hopefully though what I have here in this review is pretty accurate!

Grinder Coffee is a quiet cafe at the corner of a neighbourhood block in Leslieville. Considering that it's not a tiny space, I wished the cafe had one or two bigger tables rather than the singular round ones. Usually when arriving to a cafe I have yet to review, I would ask the barista right away if I could do a interview. The barista said if it could be done quickly because she wanted to get back to chatting with her father since she never had the time to spend it with him. Although she wasn't outright rude, I found this to be off-putting because I was the one and only customer there at the time. She had plenty of time to speak with her father, which she did afterwards when she was done with my order. Being from a business background, you don't tell a customer to hurry up because you have something else you want to do that is not related to work. That just gives a customer a bad image of your company.

Rant aside, I did quite enjoy the chai latte I ordered. It was a bit too much on the sweetness but I rather have it sweet than not. When I came back again a few days later, I ordered the same drink again because it really appealed to the sweet tooth in me.