About Me

Hello from Dineen Coffee Co.!

Hello! My name is Diana Dang and I am the creator of The Toronto Cafe and Food Blog!

Originally known as The Toronto Cafe Blog, I went to numerous cafes across Toronto in order to find my "perfect" cafe to study at. After posting many photos of my cafe adventures on Facebook, everyone told me I should just create a blog and review them all. Thus, The Toronto Cafe Blog was born! 

I decided to expand my blog during summer of 2014 to encompass the rest of Toronto food scene. Thus, I renamed it as The Toronto Cafe and Food Blog.

This blog is to share exciting cafe/restaurant/foodie news with the local Toronto community! I hope you find this blog useful and informative. Feel free to give me a shout out!

Other facts:
  • Marketing grad from Ryerson University with a minor in Global Management
  • My first ever blog was actually Stop, Drop, and Read!, a book blog dedicated to young adult fiction and manga (with the occasional film review) that started in 2008