Thursday, July 30, 2015

Han Ba Tang

Restaurant: Han Ba Tang
Address: 4862 Yonge St.
Phone: 416-546-8218
Store Hours: Mon-Sun 5 PM - 2:30 AM
Website: N/A




When Han Ba Tang first opened, it got quite the buzz online in the Toronto foodie community. Han Ba Tang is a Korean Asian Fusion restaurant that transforms your everyday Korean ingredients into unique tapas. I went with one of my best friends and she was eager to try it out after I showed her BlogTO's article on it.

When we arrived, the restaurant was packed. There were no single tables left aside from the communal one. The communal table was a free for all and was empty when we got there. It didn't bother us that there might be people sitting beside us later. The restaurant had an extremely relaxing vibe and honestly was a cool place to hang out with friends to try some unique dishes. I shared the Spoon Pizza with Bacon ($10) and Kimchi Pancakes with Bacon ($7) with my friend. I enjoyed the Kimchi Pancakes with Bacon a lot more. It was crispy and made for a great appetizer. Since we ordered more appetizers than meals, the food wasn't filling. However, the price point was decent and I liked the atmosphere. I would definitely consider bringing some friends here again.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

[Event] Taste of Toronto

Event: Taste of Toronto
Dates: July 2-5, 2015
Location: Fort York

Taste of Toronto had their second annual event at the beginning of July this year. For Toronto foodies, it was a chance to sample an array of delicious food, join a cooking class, and chill out with friends. There were also many vendors sampling and selling product as well. My friend and I had the chance to join two of the Metro Master Classes that were fantastic for picking up on new recipes. Ingredients were already provided and all you needed to do was follow the chef's instructions.

Overall, it was a fun event and my friend said that they did much better compared to last year. I recommend it for next year for sure.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rock Lobster (Queen West)

Restaurant: Rock Lobster
Address: 538 Queen St. W
Phone: Mon-Tues 5 PM - 12 AM, Wed-Sun 12 PM - 1 AM
Store Hours: 416-203-6623




I went to Rock Lobster with my foodie friend (Toronto Foodie) as a plus one for an exclusive media event a few months ago. It was for the premiere of Super Snack Bros (a food show featuring iconic dishes with a twist!) on the Food Network. I've never been to Rock Lobster before and have heard good things about it. We got to try an array of awesome food that were featured on the show. However, the dishes served were not on the regular menu. Based on what I got to try, I am curious to come back and taste one of their main dishes since one of the hosts of the show is the chef/owner of Rock Lobster, Matt Dean Pettit (and punk rock podcaster and foodie Damian Abraham being the other host).

Rock Lobster has a very cool and laid-back vibe. It's great if you want to get some grub and beer with friends. It is a place unwind at if you don't want to take yourself too seriously.

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