Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello! My name is Diana and I'm the creator of the Toronto Cafe Blog. I originally started my Toronto cafe adventures when I first found out about the Indie Coffee Passport in 2011. Wanting to always try the different cafes that had to be offered in Toronto, I thought it was a fantastic deal ($25 for 30 cafes!) and a way to explore new cafes and neighbourhoods!

Due to a high demand from friends after seeing my Facebook album dedicated to cafes, I finally decided to make a blog to record and review all the cafes I have been to. Since I get a lot of questions on what cafes I recommend, this review blog would give a better insight.

A little more about my background in blogging and reviewing: I am a veteran in the book blogging world. I have been reviewing young adult novels and Japanese manga since August 2008, as well as some film reviews here and there. I have reviewed for several big publishers as well as independent authors. Before even creating the book blog in high school, I had a couple of manga reviews published in a kids' newspaper back in middle school. You can view my book blog at Stop, Drop, and Read!

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