Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cacao 70

Cafe: Cacao 70
Address: 2087 Ste-Catherine Ouest
Phone: 514-933-1688
Store Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM - 10:30 PM

Wi-Fi?: Yes
Study Appropriate?: No
Stamp Cards?: No



View menu here: &

The House Special (I think, I don't remember), $12

Meat Lover Omelet, $12.50


Although yes, this is the Toronto Cafe Blog, I think it's nice to have a little variety here and there. As well, this is a filler review since I don't have as much content to post compared to my upcoming reviews.

My boyfriend and I visited my cousin in Montreal three weeks ago. We got to try a popular chocolate dessert cafe/restaurant called Cacao 70. They offered a limited selection of coffee drinks but I wasn't there for the coffee. Since it was brunch time, I was desperate to have some content into my stomach. I didn't want to order dessert because I had nothing in the morning and didn't want to be filled up on sugar. So I ordered one of their savoury crepes, The House Special (I think, I'm basing it off their online menu since I forgot to record it). It came with fruit appetizers that you could dip in chocolate before the main entree came. I definitely enjoyed the food! It was not crazily mind-blowing and unique, but it definitely gave me a fill and I was definitely content.

I really liked the atmosphere and their chocolate-themed restaurant. You could also buy chocolate to take back with you if you wish. I didn't buy any only because they were a bit pricey for a bag.

If I was to come back to Montreal (which I obviously am), I would definitely try their dessert crepes. Even if you hate chocolate (like my boyfriend), there is definitely something there for everyone.

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