Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Snakes and Lagers

Pub: Snakes and Lagers
Address: 488 College St. 
Phone: 647-748-4004
Store Hours: Mon-Sun 3 PM - 2 AM
Study Appropriate?: No
Wi-Fi?: No
Stamp Cards?: No


First Floor

Second Floor


Food - Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Options?: Yes to all

(Left) Mill St. Weizenbock, $7

Fried Brussel Sprouts, $4.50


Drink of Choice: Brasseurs RJ Cheval Blanc, $7

Appetizer of Choice: Duck Fat Fries $4.50 with Jerk Mayo, Kimchee Mayo, Chili Ketchup (+ $1 for each dipping sauce) and ketchup

I had the pleasure of being invited to review Snakes and Lagers after they opened back in February. If you are unfamiliar, Snakes and Lagers is the sister bar to the popular Snakes and Lattes cafe. Targeted towards a different crowd, Snakes and Lagers aims to be that perfect get-together place for the after-work crowd. As a pub, they offer a variety of alcoholic beverages with five rotating taps as well as a small range of appetizers and desserts to munch on. They also have seasonal drinks that come and go.

Snakes and Lagers sometimes collaborates with other places, such as the Black Oak Brewing Company for board game nights. Although game events do not happen as often as they do at Snakes and Lattes, there are some already planned, such as the Euchre tournament in the next couple of months. Snakes and Lagers plans on having only 300 board games, in contrast to Snakes and Lattes, which has a total of 1500.

The drink I had was the Brasseurs RJ Cheval Blanc. It's a light, smooth, beer with no aftertaste. Great for those who are light drinkers and don't like the heavy bitter taste of beer. I also got to try their popular Fried Brussel Sprouts and Duck Fat Fries (with an additional $1 if you would like dipping sauce, which is a must have! I loved all three sauces). When my boyfriend and I were recommended the Fried Brussel Sprouts, I was unsure because they were just vegetables. However, they were the pub's specialty so my boyfriend decided order a plate. I was pleasantly surprised because they were great! I liked how they were seasoned which definitely made for a nice appetizer that didn't taste like boring ol' brussel sprouts. A warning though is that Snakes and Lagers only offers appetizers and small-sized portions. There won't be any big burgers with fries on the side like most places.

When I arrived, it was around 5 PM and it wasn't too busy. After a couple of hours, it started to pack up with those coming in after work, ready to unwind and have a relaxing time playing games with friends. I definitely recommend Snakes and Lagers for an alternative to Snakes and Lattes. It's not as intense with the board game aspect like the cafe, for example, there is no Game Master (although the staff is knowledgeable and would be more than happy to help). Additionally, the game selection is not as massive if you want a wider range. The $5 sitting fee still applies to the pub like it does at the cafe though. 

Thank you Snakes and Lagers for the food and drinks provided for this review! :)

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