Friday, January 16, 2015

The Chase Fish and Oyster

Restaurant: The Chase Fish and Oyster
Address: 10 Temperance St.
Phone: 647-348-7000
Store Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 AM - 1 AM, Sat 5 PM - 12 AM, Sun 5 AM - 10 PM



See the full menu here:

Clambake, $64


Over the holidays, I stuffed myself with food as usual. One of the dinners I had was at The Chase Fish and Oyster near Queen and Yonge. Not to be mistaken with The Chase, The Chase Fish and Oyster is the lesser expensive restaurant of the two within the same building. However, prices are still pretty steep. My foodie friend chose this restaurant for our holiday gathering. Although The Chase Fish and Oyster was out of my budget, I was willing to try it at least once.

The menu selection was pretty limited. My main concern was that the portions were going to come out small. The waiter recommended that my friend and I split the Clambake instead of ordering our own dish (around $64). A Clambake is basically a huge bowl with everything seafood in it (lobster, crab, fish, clams, etc.). He told us it was the best bang for our buck and that the portions were going to be filling. He was definitely right about the portion size. My friend and I tried to evenly split the Clambake and we were both stuffed by the end of it.

I called the restaurant to double check the price for this review. I was told it was $50 although when I went, I'm sure it was around $64. I'm unsure if the price changed due to the availability of the ingredients being used in the Clambake or if it was the lunch time price (I called during lunch).

Either way, once at The Chase Fish and Oyster was enough for me. The food was good (nothing I was crazy for though), but I would not come back if I have to pay out of my own pocket again. If you work for a company that takes out clients and foots the bill, then you could give this seafood restaurant a shot.
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