Friday, December 4, 2015

[Event] The Stop's What's on the Table

Event: What's on the Table
Date: November 4, 2015
Location: Daniels Spectrum

What's on the Table (WOTT) was an annual event hosted in November by The Stop Community Food Centre to raise funds for critical food access and community building programs. This year they raised over $328,000 for their cause!

I got the pleasure to cover this event last month. WOTT was hosted at the Daniels Spectrum and the turnout was a huge success. Attendees got to try delicious bite-sized items and drinks from 36 different restaurants, bakeries, and wineries. I don't even think I had the chance to try everything because there was so much food!

This was the second event I have attended hosted by The Stop (see my post for their Night Market here) and I am continually impressed with execution. I highly recommend checking out any of their future fundraising events because I can guarantee the food, the vibe and the cause are amazing.

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