Friday, August 5, 2016

Sweet Jesus

Cafe: Sweet Jesus
Address: 106 John St.
Phone: 647-348-2266
Store Hours: Sun-Mon 7 AM - 10 PM, Tues-Sat 7 AM - 11 PM


My Order: Red Rapture, $6.50

Sweet Jesus is often mentioned when it comes to getting ice cream in Toronto. It also doubles as a coffee bar but I didn't try any during my visit so I can't comment on their drinks.

When my friends and I first arrived, we had to wait outside in line briefly. We had the opportunity to check out their menu before ordering when we went inside. I decided on the Red Rapture because I saw the words "red velvet". I never looked up any reviews of Sweet Jesus prior so I wasn't sure what to expect. I saw a lot of colourful photos of their products in the past and they seemed appealing. So with my order, I assumed it would be made with red velvet ice cream. It wasn't, just regular soft serve (it didn't register in my mind that it would be soft serve despite being listed under the "Pimped Out Soft Serve" section, my bad).

This was the first time in over a decade where I was greatly disappointed by ice cream. Despite the various toppings, I found the Red Rapture to be blandly sweet. The soft serve itself was mediocre, making any ice cream truck's swirly soft serve amazing in comparison. The toppings did not combine well with the soft serve at all. Two of my friends shared the cookies and dough version (I forgot the name) and they couldn't finish it despite it being split between them. Price was also a big factor to why I wouldn't come back here. The cost was too much for the ice cream quality. It should've been no more than $5 with tax included but even then, I feel that I'm being generous.

If you want some amazing quality decked out ice cream, I highly recommend Booyah! and Dutch Dreams, both in Wychwood over Sweet Jesus.
Sweet Jesus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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