Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fika Cafe

Cafe: Fika Cafe
Address: 28 Kensington Ave.
Phone: 416-994-7669
Store Hours: Mon-Sun 9 AM - 7 PM

Wi-Fi?: Yes
Study Appropriate?: Yes
Stamp Cards?: Yes



Drinks - Soy/Almond/Lactose-Free Options?: Yes to all
- Roasted coffee beans from Pilot Coffee Roasters
- Offers Lavender White Hot Chocolate

Food - Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Options?: Yes to all
- Offers gluten-free macaroons
- Sandwiches made in-house
- Fresh food daily 


Drink of Choice: Fika Cardamom Spiced Latte, $4

I think I might have found my favourite cafe so far in Kensington Market. Fika Cafe is a Swedish-styled cafe that is all about minimalism. I am very drawn to simple and clean-styled cafes with a nice space and this place definitely hits the spot. I learnt that it is co-owned by the owner of Splendido, which is a contemporary Canadian restaurant near Harbord and Spadina. I think it's pretty cool to own a restaurant and a cafe.

The cafe has a nice back room with a large table for people to sit together and do work. I like how Fika Cafe has small tables in the front and a large one in the back to accommodate to the number of customers. The space is available for rent and since the owner is a photographer, there will be future crafting and tech workshops.

I quite enjoyed my Fika Cardamom Spiced Latte. It was a unique taste but it reminded me a bit of cinnamon as well. I wished I had the opportunity to try out their Lavender White Hot Chocolate because it sounded quite amazing.

I think I would like to come back here again when the weather is nicer and I'm around in Kensington Market. Oh! And the cafe's business card is way too cute. You can remove the pony from the card and Instagram the journeys of Dala, the Fika Pony, with #FikaKensington.

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