Saturday, January 18, 2014

[Product Review] David's Tea - David's Iced Teas

Company: David's Tea


Product: David's Iced Teas
Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free?: Yes to all (correct me please if I'm wrong)

I bought this tea set during the summer and I meant to have this post up three months ago. Oh well, better late than never! Although this tea set is no longer available for sale, I'm reviewing it because the individual teas you can still get in-stores.

The three teas in this set are: Goji Pop, Tropicalia, and Mango Madness. Originally, Tropicalia was my favourite. It's very sweet and has these cute sugar hearts in the tea. Out of my entire tea collection, Tropicalia is the only one I have finished thus far. Towards the end of finishing Tropicalia, I started to prefer Goji Pop because it's less sweet. Both of them are fruit infusion teas. Mango Madness is a white tea that is my least favourite. Smelling it now, I don't think I mind it as much as I did previously. It is great for the mango lovers out there. They do not do well in the iced tea version though because the teas aren't sweet enough.

I personally would not repurchase this set. They aren't bad since I bought them on sale and I'm glad to have tried them out. However, if you come across a sale with this set, it's a pretty good deal.

Note: I saved the empty Tropicalia tin to store my earrings. So definitely save the tins, they can be re-purposed!

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