Sunday, August 3, 2014

Grand Electric

Restaurant: Grand Electric
Address: 1330 Queen St. West
Phone: 416-627-3459
Store Hours: Sun-Tues 12 PM - 12 AM, Wed-Sat 12 PM - 1 AM


Food of Choice: Baja Fish and Pork Belly Tacos, $3.60 per taco

I was job shadowing in Parkdale when I came across Grand Electric. Having heard many favourable reviews, I decided to pop in for lunch. The bar had a very relaxed vibe. There was loud hip hop music playing and the staff were in casual clothes. The space wasn't very big but luckily I came at a less busy time because apparently the wait time to be seated takes forever during certain hours.

There were no hand-out menus and their entire menu was on a chalkboard. Therefore, the choices were pretty limited. When I saw that the tacos were $3.60 each, I cringed a little. I hummed and hawed for a bit before deciding on one Baja Fish taco and one Belly Pork taco.

When I received the tacos, I understood immediately why people warned me about how pricey Grand Electric was. The size of the tacos were so small! Someone who enjoyed having more substance in her meal, I wasn't too please with the portions. There was no way I was going to order another round to get a satisfying lunch because I knew it was going to cost me a hefty penny.

I definitely love the Baja Fish taco. It was extremely tasty and unique. The pork belly was also good, but being Asian and having to eat a lot of pork belly already, it was nothing new. If you come to Grand Electric, you would definitely appreciate the gourmet tacos.

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