Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pearl Diver

Restaurant: Pearl Diver
Address: 100 Adelaide St. E
Phone: 416-366-7827
Store Hours: Mon-Wed 12 PM - 12 AM, Thurs-Fri 12 PM - 1 AM, Sat 4 PM - 1 PM, Sun 11 AM - 12 AM



Note: This is not a full restaurant review because I attended Pearl Diver for Yelp Elite.

Pearl Diver is a small seafood restaurant near Adelaide and Jarvis. During the event, I got to sample the oysters and they were great snacks. I don't feel I ate enough food to be able to comment on their menu though. However, I did get to try the Oyster Stout. If you are a beer lover and you love trying new beers with unique tastes, you should give Oyster Stout a go. If you are like me and you don't like dark and heavy beers, avoid it. I personally couldn't finish my drink because the taste was absolutely strange and gross for my taste buds. I have read that other people enjoyed this drink so it really depends on your beer preferences.

As a restaurant, it has a nice and intimate setting for a small group of friends or a place to take your date. It is perfect if you love seafood.

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