Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Product Review] DLish Cupcakes

Company: DLish Cupcakes


Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free?: No

Lemon Meringue, $17 for box of 6

Maple Walnut, $3

Pumpkin, $3

DLish Cupcakes is one of the popular cupcake stores in Toronto. If you aren't familiar, DLish Cupcakes have two locations on Queen West and Yorkville. They specialize in cupcakes for all occasions, with limited edition flavours that come out maybe once or twice a year.

The very first time I got to try DLish Cupcakes was when I won a 6-pack of their limited Lemon Meringue this past summer. I was super excited because who wouldn't want to win free cupcakes? My friend asked for one immediately after she found out I won. I remembered it being soft and chewy, which is a given for all the DLish Cupcakes! I was quite content with the number of cupcakes I was able to chow down by the end of the day.

I was able to try their Maple Walnut and Pumpkin recently through their weekly freebies! How do you get a free cupcake? If you keep an eye out on their Twitter account @DLishCupcakes, they sometimes announce a secret word that you need to say in-stores to win a free cupcake. I remember devouring the Maple Walnut pretty quickly and the Pumpkin tasted true to its flavour. My favourite out of the three flavours I have tried so far is the Maple Walnut.

So to wrap it up, each and every cupcake I've had so far from DLish Cupcakes is absolutely delish! It's perfect to bring to a small dinner party or for someone's birthday. Heck, why need an occasion to have a cupcake anyway? Cupcakes are simply amazing.

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