Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[Event] Delicious Food Show 2014

Ever heard of the Delicious Food Show? No? Then you get to hear about it for the first time today if you haven't already!

"The Delicious Food Show is a 3 day food-lovers event designed to engage the consumer in a delicious, all food, lifestyle and entertaining experience featuring hundreds of exhibitors, cooking demos, tastings, hands-on workshops, book signings, and appearances by Food Network and international celebrity chefs."

The event runs from October 17-19 where you get to watch your favourite chefs, check out yummy exhibitors, and more! It's foodie heaven for sure! If you want tickets or more information about the show, check out www.deliciousfoodshow.com.

Image by Butter PR

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Facebook: /DeliciousFoodShow
Instagram: @deliciousfoodshow

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