Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[Launch + Product Review]

Hate making that long trip to your favourite bakery? Wish there is a way to get all the sweets for the party or wedding in an easier fashion? Look no further with! is a new Canadian online marketplace for all things baked. It's like Etsy, except all edible goods! The site launches today and anyone can sign up to sell their baked goodies.

To help spread the word and check out some participating shops, I was sent an adorable gift box full of sweets to try. This box finally satisfied the crazy cravings I had for chocolates! I decided to give my thoughts on everything in the box, so you know what to try out!


Chocolate Chip Cookie by Cookie Scoop: The cookie was soft and yummy. I have tried other chocolate chip cookies that I would prefer over this one, but it was still enjoyable.

Salted Dark Chocolate Cake Truffle by Petal Dust Bake Shop: This was absolutely delicious! Despite the small size of the cake truffle, each bite packed a punch. It was very decadent and would fulfill a chocolate lover's craving instantly!

Milk & Cookies Sandwich Cookie by Petal Dust Bake Shop: The cookie sandwich was slightly hard by the time I ate it (which was a couple of days after receiving the package), but I still liked the concept of it. I think it would be better fresh.

Baby Macs by Dollop Bakery: All of the baby macaroons were hard and unsavoury. I guessed they were no longer fresh by the time I tried them, which was a disappointment.

Chocolate Fudge Mason Jar by Short & Sweet Cupcakes: By far my favourite item in the box! The mason jar sealed the freshness of the cake inside. I loved the different layers of the cake in the jar. The middle was the yummiest and gooiest of them all!

Chocolate Lollipop by Branded Bites: This company makes chocolate lollipops with any business logo or picture of your choice on them. The chocolate lollipop tasted like any basic chocolate in my opinion. Though I liked that the chocolate was in lollipop form and was perfect for any company event.

My recommendations: Cake Truffles from Petal Dust Bake Shop and Mason Jars from Short & Sweet Cupcakes!


  1. are these from local producers?

    1. Yes, they are all local stores! Most of the stores on the website I believe have a storefront somewhere in Toronto. :)