Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fresh Burger (Church-Wellesley)

Photo courtesy of Tsangzilla

Restaurant: Fresh Burger
Address: 542 Church St.
Phone: 905-597-7224
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 11 AM - 10 PM, Sun 12 - 7 PM
Website: www.fresh-burger.com




Fresh Burger is a burger joint that originated in Richmond Hill. They recently opened their Toronto location on Black Friday and gave away free burgers as part of their grand opening.

I had the opportunity to preview the new restaurant before it was opened to a line of hungry people. Fresh Burger puts emphases on their quality premium meats. You can order your burger based on how much meat you want along with additional toppings. If you want poutine instead of fries, you can upgrade it for $2.99 in a combo.

The menu is kept to a minimum because their sole focus is the Canada AAA sirloin served. As someone who likes to order interesting items off the menu, their menu did not stand out to me because of the limited choices. I tried their Freshburger and it tasted like any standard burger. It's typical comfort food but made fresh on the grill every time, which I like. Fresh Burger is for people who love the classic burger and want to eat it fresh. No frills, no fuss.

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