Saturday, November 12, 2016

[Event] The National Women's Show Toronto 2016

Event: The National Women's Show
Date: November 4-6, 2016
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

I attended The National Women's Show (TNWS) last weekend, marking it the third year I have gone. As one of the official bloggers for TNWS, I was excited to attend the show again as it's one of the best shows in Toronto for amazing samples and freebies! When I arrived before the show started, the lineup wrapped around the entire place outside of the convention hall.

I will also be doing something a little different on my blog. I have paired up with three different brands that were at the show. I will be doing product reviews after trying them out and blogging my thoughts on them. This is an opportunity to show what sort of products could be purchased at TNWS for those who haven't been. Be sure to keep out an eye for those posts for the next couple of weeks!

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