Saturday, November 19, 2016

[TNWS Feature] Sudsatorium

Company: Sudsatorium
Product Type: Natural vegan body products


As mentioned in The National Women's Show post I made last week, I am featuring some brands that were at the show with product reviews. The first one is Sudsatorium! I've seen this brand at several shows in the past. Sudsatorium is a Toronto-based skincare and cosmetic company. As of late, I have been interested in trying products from vegan and ethically-conscious companies. Not only does Sudsatorium produces with fair-trade ingredients, but for every purchase you make, 5% of the proceeds are donated to the grassroots charities. Each product label indicates which charity you would be contributing to when you buy the product. I decided to pick up two products: Royals and Back in Black.

Royals is a toner that contains lavender and rose. I recently ran out of a toner I was using from a Korean brand and this was the perfect opportunity to find a replacement. I was recommended to try Royals since I have acne-prone and oily skin. I saw some improvement in my skin after using it. It did not get rid of any pimples I had at the time, but I saw that my skin was more even and supple. I spray the toner 2-3 times after I have cleanse my face before I apply a daily moisturizer/night cream. 

My favourite product of the two would be Back in Black, a stick deodorant. Sudsatorium started the deodorant line about three months ago, bringing on stick and spray deodorant options. I stopped using store-bought deodorants about a couple of months ago because I realized that the aluminum have been causing my armpits to smell really bad. Which is the exact opposite of its job. I detoxed using apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay and stopped using deodorant for a bit. I wanted to find a deodorant from an organic and vegan brand that didn't contain any aluminum and were made of natural ingredients. When I saw the deodorant sticks at Sudsatorium, I knew I wanted to give one a shot.

Back in Black is a unisex deodorant stick which goes on clear and smells pretty good (it contains rosalina, honey myrtle, and rose). For Lush lovers who aren't a fan of using their deodorant powder or non-packaged bars, I highly recommend trying out Sudsatorium's deodorants instead!

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