Friday, November 25, 2016

Kamasutra Indian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Restaurant: Kamasutra Indian Restaurant & Wine Bar
Address: 1522 Bayview Ave.
Phone: 416-489-4899
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM, 5-10 PM; Sat-Sun 12-3 PM, 5-10 PM




I ventured into Davisville Village to try out Kamasutra Indian Restaurant & Wine Bar. I love Indian food so I was pretty excited for Kamasutra's tasting menu.

For the appetizer, I got the Onion Bhaji ($6.95) which were deep-fried onions with a spicy kick. This was the first time I ever had onion bhajis and quite enjoyed it! I started to fill up after having two of the three on my plate. This is a great dish if you love onion rings and spicy food.

The Kamasutra Butter Chicken ($15.95) was very tender and easy to eat. However, my favourite entree would be the Malai Kofta ($12.95). Malai Kofta are usually made with potatoes and gravy, but the ones from Kamasutra are made with cheese! I'm a huge cheese lover so I loved this dish for the first time I had it.

For the naan, I grabbed the Garlic Naan ($3.25). It had a strong garlic taste and I realized I should've gone for regular naan instead. Most of the dishes I had were with strong flavours, so plain naan was better suited. I also had one of the rice dishes along with Boondi Raita ($4.95), a yogurt dip that you have on the side. It reminded me a lot of tzatziki, which I liked. The Pulao Rice ($6.95) was okay. I would only get it if you are like me and would prefer to have your meat dishes with rice. However, naan would be completely fine as well.

Kamasutra is great if you love Indian food and want to find a restaurant that does communal dishes. If I had to choose the top dishes to get here, I would highly recommend the Malai Kofta and Onion Bhaji.

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