Saturday, January 6, 2018

[Product Review] La Holjaldreria Artensal

Company: La Holjaldreria Artensal
Product Type: Mexican pastries


La Holjaldreria Artensal is a local Toronto catering business specializing in Mexican pastries. The owner reached out to me to try her pastries and share my thoughts. I am always open to product reviews and am happy to see what local businesses have to offer.

I got to sample the Puff Cheese Balls. The puff pastries were originated in France but the concept of French baking was later introduced to Mexico. The puff cheese balls are now known to be a Mexican pastry, with a lightly sweetened puff shell on the outside and flavourful packed cheese bit on the inside. I am a fan because I absolutely love savoury items. The Puff Cheese Balls are great for people that prefer savoury over sweet pastries.

La Holjaldreria Artensal is available to order online and will be delivered by the owner in person. You can contact for availability and check out their social media for more baked goodies!

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