Saturday, October 25, 2014

[Event] Delicious Food Show 2014

Show: Delicious Food Show
Location: Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place
Dates: October 17-19, 2014

I was able to attend the Delicious Food Show for the first time this year. There were over 200 food exhibitors that sold anything from sauces to gourmet popcorn. Sadly I don't cook, so I didn't really pick up on the awesome deals that were there! I mainly piled up on my samples and bought myself some cake pops from Olivia's Cake Pops (perfect for the kid in you!).

A couple of the shows I sat down and watched on the Food Network Celebrity Stage were Nadia G. and the Sandwich Smackdown. I never heard of Nadia G. before this expo, but I think she is one hilarious lady! She has her own cooking show called Bitchin' Kitchen. She makes you laugh with her stories and personality, along with teaching you how to cook! (Does her voice remind anyone else of an Italian mobster? Haha). The Sandwich Smackdown had a few chefs compete against on who could make the best sandwich within 15 minutes. The audience got to sample the sandwiches that the chefs made as well. I also sat down for a cheese tasting seminar, where I got to sample 6 different types of Canadian cheeses. I actually started appreciating cheese much more after that seminar!

Overall, I took my time during the event (spent a whooping four and a half hours there by myself) to fully enjoy the show. I definitely think it's a show to drop by if you whole-heartedly love to cook or eat food. The show will give you a better appreciation for all the work put into creating meals because when I left, I thought "I need to start cooking!".

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