Monday, November 10, 2014

Aroma Espresso Bar (King St. E)

Cafe: Aroma Espresso Bar
Address: 250 King St. East
Phone: 416-365-7662
Store Hours: Mon-Fri 7 AM - 9:30 PM, Sat-Sun 8 AM - 9:30 PM



Drinks - Soy/Almond/Lactose-Free Options?: Yes to all

Food - Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Options?: Yes to all

See full menu here:


I had the pleasure of attending the Friends & Family Event at Aroma Espresso Bar for their King St. East grand opening. To my surprise, the event was actually for friends and family because everyone knew each other there! Another fellow foodie blogger and I sort of stuck out there, haha.

At the exclusive event, everyone could order anything they'd like. So naturally, the first thing I did was to try to order all the things I have not yet had from Aroma! With Aroma food, you can be guaranteed that you are pretty much going to be full from one meal (usually a drink and a sandwich for me!). I tried out their BLT Turkey Croissant and finally after so long, the Ice Aroma Float! I do not recommend the Ice Aroma Float if you don't like overly sweet things. However, if you like vanilla ice cream and just super creamy and rich drinks, then it's a must try!

The King St. East location is identical to the Queen St. West location. These are the first two Aromas I've been to that are identical in appearance (except the flooring). Overall, I enjoyed my first Friends & Family Event.

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